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From 11th to 14th of June, 2022, the Ca Dy collaborative group had provided the know-how by technical sharing on smoking-shelf pork processing for Ta Poo Black Pork Business collaborative Group (Ta Poo Group). This activity aims to scale out and the model of smoking shelf black pig products, which is also an activity on capacity building via enhancing farmer-to-farmer exchange of the project “Associated agriculture for long-term income stabilization of ethnic minorities and equal integration in community development in Vietnam” implemented by the Centre for Rural Development in Central Vietnam and World Vision in Vietnam.

Instructions for processing smoked black pork at Ta Po commune

Learning by doing was mostly applied through out the rolling out activities on sharing technical experience in smoking-shelf pork processing. The mentor – a member of the Ca Dy collaborative provided 15 participants of Ta Poo collaborative group with hands-on opportunities to learn how to process smoking-shelf pork from cutting carcasses, local spices seasoning, fabrication, and packaging. After being marinated for about two hours, the pork slices are skewered on sticks, which are then hung upstairs the kitchen. The pork is dried slowly by the smoke from the kitchen, which turns it into a deep brown color but keeps the insides looking red and fresh. About 3 days later, the meat skewers are taken down packed and vacuumed for storage and consumption.

By the end of sharing session, most of the Ta Poo collaborative group’s members acquired the certain knowledge and skills on different stages of smoking-shelf pork processing, the technical requirements at each stage, as well as the relevant skills packaging to achieve the good products’ appearance. The post-evaluation also reported that members from this Ta Poo collaborative group are very confident in smoking-shelf pork processing as well as scheduling the plan for commercializing this kind of pork in the future.

Ms. A Lang Oanh, the group leader stated that “Through this training session, Ta Poo Group members have grasped the method of processing smoking-shelf pork. This is the condition for the Group to offer a new value added product to market place contributing to the branding products as  Nam Giang specialty black pork.”

And after this rolling out session, the Ta Poo Group had a pilot run and package the smoking-shelf pork products, which were then displayed at the TechFest fair which is held in Tam Ky City, Quang Nam province on 15th of July. In spite of the initial difficulties and challenges during the processing stages, the product has received high praise for its quality, food hygiene and safety, as well as its uniqueness in the processing methods of the Co Tu ethnic minority people.

Nam Giang smoked black pork products of Ta Poo Group received praise and trust from customers in Tam Ky, Quang Nam

This activity is within the project “Associated agriculture for long-term income stabilization of ethnic minorities and equal integration in community development in Vietnam” funded by The Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and World Vision Deutschland (WVD).

Dinh Nhat Son

Center for Rural Development in Central Vietnam