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A sustainable rural society, where no poverty exists and people act responsibly toward the environment

Each course occurred in 2 days, with 54 participants. Training components include project management of Trieu Van and Trieu Giang communes, agricultural extension of district’s staffs, core farmers of the production groups, and key members of the agricultural production team aiming to the market in 02 communes above.

A method of learner centered learning is used throughout the training course. Trainees and trainer have worked hard to learn about the needs of the market, the group’s actual production, the gap / deficiency between the groups and the market, discuss solutions and projects for production and business aiming to the market direction. Based on that, trainers guided the group the planning methodology/skills for production and business aiming to the market.


Participants discussed at the training course

Consumption market of product is the output for the people, especially the localities having advantageous products. Therefore, the discussion of collecting people’s opinions to select appropriate plants is an important problem, however, marketing should be “invested” and attached special importance to. In that case, products can actually “exist”, Mr. Nguyen Trong Dung – a trainer of 2 training courses emphasized. This means that the producers not only plan production but also carry out simultaneously with planning production aiming to the consumption markets.
To choose the suitable varieties to the soil and climate of each village/commune, the participants divided into small groups to discuss, for example, the result of a class in Trieu Giang showed that groundnut (peanut) and chilli were the key plants choosing by the participants. Regarding to livestock, trainees chose pig and chicken as the main livestock.


Mr. Nguyen Van Thien in Trieu Giang commune, Trieu Phong district presented the model of raising chicken at the training course
According to Mr.Nguyen Van Thien in Ta Kien hamlet, Trieu Giang commune, the “Raising chicken is less effort, sell to the market easily, and high income. Like the last case of raising chicken, after deducting the cost of breeding, veterinary drugs, feed… I profited 35.000 VND/unit. Now, I’m taking advantage of buying the breeding to serve the Lunar New Year.”
Mrs. Doan Thi Hong, a member of Farmer Association of Tra Lien Tay hamlet, Trieu Giang commune, Trieu Phong district shared that “Planting chilies received high productivity, each chilli plant brought 1kg of fresh chilli averagely, a pole chilli was worth 3 poles of rice, but the effort was less than rice and peanut. Farmers in the hamlet would continue to replicate this model.”

The training course has brought good results, especially support the people in the choice of suitable crops and livestock against climate change, and to find new ways to products approaching the market at the same time. The participants were unanimous in establishing groups and developing the production model aiming to the market and basing on the advantages of each village/commune. In the next time, the hamlets in the area will continue to replicate the production model. With the technical support of project staffs (FLC -12-01), the people’s positivity, promised that next harvest will bring a high productivity and income for local people.

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