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A sustainable rural society, where no poverty exists and people act responsibly toward the environment

To enhance capacity for agricultural production to cope with climate change and heading to the market, the project “ Enhancing capacity for climate change adaptation and mitigation in production at sandy area of Quang Tri province” (FLC -12-01) researched and determined that Chilies and Peanuts were 2 in potential crops in Trieu Van commune, Trieu Giang, Trieu Phong district, Hai Que commune, Hai Lang District.

The project has drawn up the model of planting chilies with an area of 12, 5 ha in 3 communes above. Besides traditional chili – local Chia voi chili, the project has used two new varieties: S1 2048 and S20. There were varieties that had good adaptability with the weather conditions at locality and were popular with the market.

Apart from varieties factor, the project has trained, guided technical measures cultivating and caring which having capacity to cope with climate change. Currently, chilies of the model have grown and thriven well, promising a bumper harvest is coming.

Picture 1: Model of planting chilies in Kim Long hamlet, Hai Que commune, Hai Lang district.

Besides the model of planting chilies, the project has drawn up a model of planting peanuts in Trieu Van commune with an area of 5 ha, and in Trieu Giang commune, Trieu Phong district with an area of ​​2 ha. At present, people cultivate peanuts instead of corn, cassava… in the past. Bringing peanuts in cultivation is to use legumes to improve soil infertility. L14 varieties were used in the model. These were varieties with high germination rate, good drought tolerant ability with the weather, and appropriate to cultivate on sandy soil.

Picture 2: Project officers and the people checked the model of planting peanuts in Trieu Giang commune, Trieu Phong district.


Along with supporting people in techniques, the project has promoted activities heading to the market to consume agricultural products such as establishing the production groups, holding enterprise seminars (small and medium enterprises in localities)… At the same time, project officers, together with the network of market connection’s Management Board counted list of traders who purchased agricultural products such as chilies, peanuts…. This will assist people in consuming their output products. “Thanks to the project, my family got phone number of traders in Ai Tu, therefore, we aren’t forced price as every year” Ms. Trinh Thi Thuc in Tra Lien Tay hamlet said.

The model of planting chilies and peanuts on sandy soil, is one of the models of agricultural production to cope with climate change of th project FLC-12-01. In the next time, the project will continue supporting the people to replicate successful models that help people improve their income and stabilize their life. /.

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