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A sustainable rural society, where no poverty exists and people act responsibly toward the environment

In the morning of 27 September, the 13th Conference of the Provincial Committee (14th session) continued working with the discussion on two statements of the Provincial Standing Committee relating to the work of public relations in the new situation and coping with climate change; work of leadership, direction and implementation of the 4th Central Resolution (11th session) on “Some urgent issues and building Communists Party at the present”; the process of implementation of the 7th Central Resolution (10th session) on agriculture, farmers and rural areas.

Relating to the work of public relations in the new situation, Mr. Le Van Chinh, secretary of District Party Committee of Huong Thuy said that grassroots staffs of public relations are not deficient, we need to focus on quality, working capacity. Regarding solution, it needs to reorganize, make the officials and Party members to have skills and spirit in implementing the work of public relations in new situation. Deeds must match words, especially problem solving grievances and complaints related to land compensation and clearance.
Regarding the issue of raising the awareness for staffs of the Party, State, Front, politic-social organizations and all people strata about work of public relations’ positions in the new situation, according Mr. Hoang Van Giai – Secretary of District Party Committee of Phu Loc, work of public relations has achieved remarkable results. However, to make people believe more in Party, to create general strength in protection of homeland and country, work of public relations has to need new changes, especially the propagation and dissemination of guidelines, policies, and laws of the Party and State.
People approach most of guidelines and policies through mass media. It is necessary to public issues that people need to know and discuss. In fact, some places have not done well this problem yet, and caused suspicion, distrust. People will trust more if problems are public and transparent – Mr. Hoang Van Giai stressed.

Mr. Cai Vinh Tuan, Director of Department of the Interior suggested that work of public relations still has many issues. In his opinion, the role of village level is very important to convey those guidelines and policies of the Party and State to all people strata. The most difficult one is the working conditions of the unit “one door” at all levels. There are only Hue city and Phu Vang district get basically eligibility on a whole province. Communal infrastructure of the rest 98 of 192 communes are not guaranteed, it is difficult to meet the working conditions. Therefore, working conditions of this division need to pay attention.

Regarding action plan of coping with climate change, many people said that it should improve forecast capacity and disaster warning. Whereas, it is also necessary to raise awareness, coping actively with climate change of the branches, levels, communities and people.
According to Mr. Tran Ngoc Nam, Director of Department of Science and Technology, solution should be divided, first is reduction of climate change and second is adaptation of climate change for the branches and sectors, especially in agriculture and health care. It means that we have to adapt, cohabit, and have the ways to cope with climate change. Basing on that, the sectors, units should have suitable plans to climate change.

Mr. Hoang Van Giai, secretary of District Party Committee of Phu Loc said that we have to calculate the sea level rise immediately. The province has also invested dikes, but should also have a plan to protect the system of lagoon and sea and coastal protection forests as well, it is necessary to pay attention to the kind of protective trees while embankments have not built yet. Afforestation thrive but it is need to review exploitation process.

Some people suggested that through self-criticism and criticism following spirit of the 4th Central Resolution (9th session) officials and Party members have a shift in awareness and actions. However, it is necessary to overcome absolutely the shortcomings and limitations after review to make more changes in the work of Party building.
This afternoon, the 13th Provincial Committee Conference (14th session) continues working.


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