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Funded by Embassy of Finland, project “ Enhancing the adaptive capacity and coping with climate change for communities in Quang Tri province” in 1st period (2009 – 2011) brought good results. Although there were some certain successes, the results of the project in 1st period were still experimental on a small scope and scale. The production models were single and undiversified especially the project’s productive activities which had not mentioned the market factor yet if they produced in large scale. Therefore, Embassy of Finland funded to continue implementing 2nd period of the project “Strengthening adaptability and reducing climate change in agricultural production in sandy area of Quang Tri province”. Duration is 2 years, will start from July 2012 to June 2014.


The project goal is “Enhancing the adaptive capacity and coping with climate change for communities to develop market-oriented agricultural production sustainably in sandy area of Quang Tri province”.
Objective 1: Replicating some of the agricultural production (AP) models which adapted and reduced well with climate change (CC) (in 1st period), determining and building up some kinds of new models in sandy area of Quang Tri province.
* Main activities:
– Determining and selecting products to develop AP for the sandy area.
– Replicating some successful models of AP in 1st period.
– Selecting and testing some (new) crop plants, livestock and production methods of these crop plants and livestock to adapt to CC.
– Replicating some new models from the results of the action research.
– Holding a study tour for the people and local governments
– Holding workshops, field day conferences to announce, evaluate and replicate the models
– Holding a study tour in the surrounding areas to replicate the model of the project
Objectives 2: Enhancing capacity in market access for communities to aim to develop AP sustainably in the context of CC.
* Main activities:
– Training on group organization, production executive and agribusiness for the people
– Creating farmer groups co-producing.
– Creating a network of co-production groups and connecting with businesses.
– Building up brands for some local agricultural products could become commercial goods
– Making advertising flyers, video clips of the production process and promoting some products.
Objective 3: Mobilizing and integrating CC with development strategy of CC in sandy area
*Main activities:
– Training on CC and AP for some agricultural officials
– Holding workshops of sharing experience to announce the results and policy advocacy
– Supporting to build development strategy of AP in sandy area aiming to commercial goods, adapting and reducing CC.
– Digitizing data, announcing the results and experiences of the project.


  1. Projects must be placed under the Party leadership and government at all levels.
    2. Following closely goals and objectives of the project to operate.
    3. Being public and transparent in action plan and finance of the project.
    4. Mobilizing maximum participation of the stakeholders, especially the positive contribution of the people.
    5. Taking advantages of the local professional agencies, domestic and foreign universities.
    6. Determining responsibilities clearly among stakeholders.
    7. Integrating with other programs and projects in the area during implementation.
    8. Focusing on the sustainability of the project, and gender.

The project deployed mostly Trieu Giang, Trieu Van communes, Trieu Phong district and Hai Que commune, Hai Lang district, Quang Tri province. Besides that, some activities will be implemented on the scope of provincial and district level.

  2. Centre for Rural Development in Central Vietnam
    2. Department of Agriculture and Rural Development of Quang Tri provice
    3. Trieu Phong DPC and Hai Lang DPC
    4. CPCs Trieu Giang, Trieu Van, Hai Que
    5. Rooms of Agriculture & Rural Development and Agricultural Encouragement stations of Hai Lang and Trieu Phong districts
    6. Networks, production groups and cooperatives
    7. Some agricultural enterprises in Quang Tri and other provinces.
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